Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thoughts and Prayers to the Cadman Family, Today's waves were for Jesse and his family.

I would like to take this moment to send our prayers and thoughts to Jesse, Brett and the Cadman family. Jesse's parents Don and Skippy Cadman were in a car accident yesterday. Both Mom and Dad are very sore and banged up but will recover. We here in the Stand Up and Hilton Head's Surf community and all the waterman around the world wish for Mom and Dad a speedy recovery.

The sunrise in the east and the moon set in the west. I had to stop for a moment and reflect just how lucky we all are.. Missed my paddle partner ''Jesse' today but rode today's waves for you in spirit. Scott Allen and Barbara Anne (BA) Weaver paddled out today. Waves were small but clean and fun. Scott's getting use to SUP in the surf and BA caught one of her longest waves today.. . Wat to go BA..

Sunrise Hilton Head Moon set in the west
Scott Allen perfecting a pivot turn in the surf..BA's wave outside....
....same wave inside down the beachScott,all smiles but whooped from the ''in the surf workout''.
Pat Burrell from the Marriot nose riding the 10' SunnyDaze

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