Friday, August 21, 2009


Fun waves this morning. Tim took a lot of shots and will be posting on his smug mug page later this weekend and talks of Tim creating a slide show disc of the surf happening this week. You may be on it..See him on line @ smugmug (below right) or at the Beach Break reserve a copy...
Was great to get back into the water with my replaced Kialoa Methane Paddle. Just in time for the waves... My PSH 9-6 waa fits my stand up paddle surfing genre and style...Seems it was made for me Jamie Jesse RuRu and Perry all had great rides on the Stand Ups . Total Fun... More pics to come...
Fun peaks up and down the beach, Me laying down a bottom turn

Top turn

Racing the section

Cooper, Tim's son, getting it on'
In the pocket eye down the line..
Jamie on a great left
Jesse left glide setting up for the rebound
Perry Hartley'' Nice right''
RuRu 's peak..

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