Saturday, December 20, 2008

76*F, sunny, light breeze on Dec 20th, TIME TO PADDLE

What a gorgeous day for Dec 20th, warm temps. at 76*f , sunny, light winds and so peaceful on the marsh. I was able to get off of work early and meet Karen for an afternoon Paddle. Today was a first for Karen as she wore no wetsuit or aquatic gear for our paddle. She has confidence and great balance now so the need for gear was not an issue. The water temp is 53*f though, so if you do fall and get wet it will be cold.. We paddled around the Shelter Cove basin, thru the high tide marsh to Broad Point and over to Long Cove. A 3-4 mile paddle. We saw lots of water fowl and occasional fish popping in the water.The marsh Spartina grass is a brown wheat color and turns a golden hue when the sun hits it.. Just another spectacular view of my playground during the winter..
Karen in the Basin waring sweats.

Paddling thru the '' Caution'' post for 3 pts..Karen giving the 143 hand sign
Glen in the Harbor w/ Scott's in the background..
Loading up after the 4 mile paddle.. Gotta' Smile

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