Sunday, December 7, 2008

Calm Ocean Paddle

A gorgeous, sunny, cold day we had for our ocean our wetsuits, it felt fine though. We put the boards in at Singleton Beach (surfboard photo credit to Sydney Segars!) and set out for Coligny a down wind paddle.
The sun was shimmering on the water as birds dove for fish and dolphin frolicked all around us. There was a small swell the entire trip, but the water was pretty flat. We paddled the four miles down to Coligny and saw probably a dozen or more dolphin. One came up about 10 feet from me surprising me a bit. Looked right into my eyes and let me pass, saying its OK to play in my world...
It was a beautiful day and fantastic ocean paddle once again!
''Blogged by Karen Lesch''......
Sydney Segars Singleton Send Off
''Say that ten times''
Karen Oceanside Palmetto Dunes..
Dolphin view of North Forest Beach

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