Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why are SUP paddles angled...?

Talked to my younger brother during Christmas and I was showing, describing and telling him about all about my Stand Up Paddle Surfing. One of his many questions he asked is ; ''Why are the paddle blades angled like they were''. I think my explanation fell short to his ears, so here is a brief description why..
There are many reasons why the blade on a stand up paddle is angled. The main reason is with the blade angled forward from the shaft the front part of the stroke is more-effective thus making the stroke longer.
The longer the stroke the more efficient the stroke is. Another reason is that it prevents lifting water at stroke’s end which expends less energy making it easier to go through the water. Bent Shaft paddles deliver more of your effort to the water. You’ll go farther, faster, and with less effort. A straight-shaft paddle wastes effort lifting water at the end of the stroke; an angled paddle does not. From, paddle surf warehouse... Thanks guys
Here are some pics of shots I have showing the angled paddle in use..
Jesse on a thru stroke passed his body with angled blade still in a more vertical position to provide power

Pic of Nikki Gregg stroking to catch a wave as angled paddle enters water to providing a longer stroke and thrust to gain power matching the speed of the wave..

My mid stroke. It provides thrust allowing blade to load up water resistance for a longer paddle stroke in the water propelling me forward.

Jesse showing a 12* degree angle on his old wooden paddle.

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