Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fun Stand Up waves on a foggy Sunday

Was foggy and calm early this Sunday at 7 am. Jamie, Jesse and I paddled out with the visibility less than 50 yards as the waves were knee to waist high . At one point you could not see the sand on the beach. Ghost riders again as you rode a wave out of sight.. RuRu and BA paddled out for some but left early.. Waves were super fun with the better waves early before the tide dropped and fog lifted. Here are some pics later in the session as the fog lifted. Most all the surfers left as the three of us continued to Paddle Surf for three hours. Great to share waves with my best friends...


Jesse ' a paddle Ghost' as Jamie outside.

Jesse on a smaller left over

Jamie on a little thigh high peeler...

Jesse on one of his long lefts to the Folly.. again...
Jamie cross stepping on a right roller

Jamie cranking it around ...' his back side attack'

Jesse carving it around back to the foam ball

Glen, dropping in on a soft glassy right

Glen, backside left and coming at you...

L. to R.

Glen , Jamie and Jesse and their ( Boy's Toys')

10'-3'' PSH, 10' Bonga & 10'-2''Danai Fish

Dont mess with the Paddle Surf Hawaii
RuRu's Peaches, chillin' on the beach..

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