Saturday, July 18, 2009

Scott's New PSH 9-6 WA

Early this morning Scott and I demoed the new PSH 9-6 'Wide all rounder'
We just paddled in the basin as Shelter Cove to see how it floats. (No waves this morning due to out going tide) Scott at 180 and me 192 it floated us each with no problem. The 29 3/8'' width of the board and its length of 9'-6'' with its thickness of 4 5/8 '' its seems small under feet but has plenty stability and buoyancy. The board seemed to glide and plane well when paddling. The tail was able to spin on the dime doing a heel-kick turn. The board is set up as a two plus one fin set up using future boxes. 375's side bites and a 7'' center fin in a box. The swallow tail is pulled in the last 18'' of the board from being wide. The full nose will allow nose rides and wave trim. The bottom is flat where you stand with "V" in the tail to a double barrel concave with a nice blend of rocker nose to tail. The real test will be in the waves. We will see how it surfs and handles East coast chop. Later this upcoming week waves are build. Scott is one happy stoked little boy with this board...

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