Monday, February 18, 2013

Starboard 8-2 WP now a thruster

The new 2013 Starboard 8-2 Wide Point in Brushed Carbon is a quad fin set up. Having always surfing a 3 finned SUP or Surfboard I had to add a center fin to the quad. allowing more options. Twin fin, Tri fin, Quad, 5 fin or with trailer style fin.Endless possibilities.
 We installed ( with the help of Sunny Daze Surfboard shaper John Tolly) the fusion FCS plug in center.  We measured out center using other fin boxes as reference points, Once happy with location, with used the fusion jig and routed out the plug, and sanded area thru to carbon for installation of plug. We  inserted the fusion plug with epoxy and a couple of patches over insertion area.  Once set, we sanded the patch smooth in several steps. Once smooth and area ready for paint. I used flat white enamel spray paint to cover the parched area. Once dry we sanded and scotch bite the area and blended the paint  giving it the overall brushed look.  
Now we need to get some surf and explore the options of having multiple fin placements..  

Sanded and Painted  brushed look..
Plug with the hardened epoxy plug and patch..Getting ready for sanding..

Routering out the fin plug .. 

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