Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Paddle Sessions last few days.

Sunrise Shots

How is this for a playground.

Sunday was fathers day. Wished my Dad and brother Jason happy 1st fathers day. Went paddling with a new friend Mac Barnhardt aka... Waterturtle.. A windsurfer, kite boarder, surfer, SUP rider and family man... .. http://thewaterturtle.blogspot.com/

Mac contacted me about his visit this past weekend and wanted to go for a paddle. Had great time and experienced lots of aquatic life. Went for a great 2-3 mile paddle before he went back to Charlotte, NC to his family. After paddling went to the beach for a bit. Met some old friends on the beach and reconnected. A great day.. Thanks Mac for the paddle, Amy and Lainee and the huge thunderstorm/light show...

Paddled Monday and Tuesday morning. Monday was glassy and calm after the storm. The sunrise was spectacular. Awesome colors as the sun climbed from bed.. Tuesday, John Tolly, Jesse Cadman and I paddles at Burke's. We has small 1 footers rolling in. Plenty fun on the SUP. After work took Amy out for her first paddle. She had a great time and will be out there again..

I received and email from Rufus Waever. He and his wive Barbara Anne
went for a paddle in the May river. I'm sure they had a great paddle and sent a pic from the cell phone,posted below. Partner in life is the paddle partner. What a world. .. Thanks Rufus. How about a review of the new 10' Oxbow SUP . Have some new demo boards coming soon. When I get the word,I will post the pics of the boards. Thanks Glen

Rufus and Barbara Anne Weaver .. Paddle May River

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