Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday June 30th Surf Report

Waves this morning were the same as Yesterday. John and I paddled for an hour. Caught some fun little thigh high waves. Lined up but were greeted w/ heavy west winds hard to drop in. The west winds were 20 knots for the first 1/2 hour then came onshore. The SW. winds and swell will continue to grace our beaches. High tide at 6:18 pm tonight and will have choppy conditions.
Buoys still reading some waves offshore but steep intervals. Some pics of the surf this morning. The two pics of John were to blurry to post. Need a new camera. ( Waterproof)

Sunrise 6:30 am fun little waves
The first 2-3 footer at 6:00 am ,low light conditions..
I love this pic. .. ''DARE TO BE DIFFERENT'' ...Thanks Carol Cunningham for photo.

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