Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday 6/29 5:50 am SUP Session

Jesse and I paddled out at 5:50 am, still pretty dark. The short paddle out felt as if we were drunk sailors due to the low light and lack of depth perception not seeing horizon or land. I felt unbalanced for a few minutes. Its and unsettling feeling to experience when in the ocean. Was a 5:15 am high tide. So we has an out going tide and semi side offshore winds made for some thigh high waves roll through for a fun session . The only thing missing other than larger surf was our buddy, Jamie. Jesse and I agreed that these waves we rode are for you. Get better and we'll see in the water very soon.

There is a small swell gracing our beaches so look for some fun little waves at high tide this afternoon at 5:40 pm. The S.W. wind will be on it but its summer surf.

05:50 'O' stands for ... O-my god its ''F''-n early!
Little knee high right grinder
Jesse later in the session ... oh at 7:00
Jesse, a speed blurrrrr on a thigh high
Glen on a early right nugget..

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