Friday, June 27, 2008

Torres girls go Paddle Surfing.

Janie Torres , Hooked on Paddle Surfing
Aunna Torres, ''I'm hooked too, and love nature.''
Torres Girls, a sisterly bond forever

Had the pleasure this morning to paddle with two girls from Ohio who are here all summer. Mom wanted to give the girls every opportunity available, so today was Paddle Surfing and experience the thrill of this board sport . Janie Torres age 13, and Aunna Torres age 11, paddled surf today. It was a real low tide and shallow for them to learn. The two girls were up standing in 15 min. Smiles glowed from their faces and as the hour or so passed they became more comfortable, started to play and share that sisterly bond. I know there hooked and we'll plan for another go-out. Great job Aunna and Janie..

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