Monday, June 2, 2008

East Coast PaddleSurfing soft top Paddleboards.

East Coast Paddlesurfing soft top paddleboards
Get into the fastest-growing watersport in style. Our new line of soft top stand-up paddleboards make it easy!
These soft-top boards are perfect for beginners and rental fleets, with their user-friendly. comfortable cushy deck, wide stable outline and light, durable construction. A soft daurable ''boogie board type'' surface w/ grip deck pad. Hard PVC smooth bottom . Extra black foam rail guard to protect from paddle pings. Less intimidating and forgiving type Stand Up Board.
These revolutionary boards come in three sizes, one of them is just right for you:

Big Daddy: our Big Daddy is 34”wide by 14’ long This is the most stable board currently on the market (and we’ve seen them all!) Great for tandem paddling or heavy guys.

Hot Momma: the Hot Mama is 32” wide x 12’ long Can float up to 300 lbs Stability and size make it the ideal board for rentals.... Demo this Model

The Grommet: the Grommet is 30”w x 10’ long Recommended for up to 200 lbs Stability and size make it great for smaller paddlers Companion to the Hot Mama for rentals.

If your interested,Email or call for a test paddle on the Big Mamma.....

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