Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What ''SUP'' is to me.

. Blane Chambers at PSH SUP'ing Hawaiian waves

Just over a year and a half, Stand Up Paddling (SUP) has risen from what some had said would be a fad to a most talked about anticipated boarding sport. Yes there are sports with greater participation but looking at the explosion of SUP this year its growth has become most aggressive. What makes Stand Up so different to any other board sport? The Engine..

Since its you that paddles the board, the power source is essentially where ever you are. Stand Up Paddlers use one thing that is always there , you.. If you have enough water under you fin, you can go paddling. Every water surface from pools, calm inland lakes and waterways to marshes, bays and sounds or the rolling waves breaking on sandy beaches, rocky point breaks to the huge 40 foot Hawaiian waves are being SUP'd. There are no rules or expectations in Stand Up. You go as gentile or as hard as you like. No need to wait for waves or wind. Every weather condition offers a fresh new challenge for Stand Up paddle Surfing......

So what makes standing up on board looking like a road sweeper actually fun? Well believe me it makes you feel different to anything you have tried before. Just moving the board around on the water, mastering the strokes and then picking a point to paddle to gets addictive. You start to think , ''where can I paddle to today'' or even perhaps ''where can't I paddle to''.

All the lakes, rivers, coastlines and oceans suddenly became yours to explore. That's even before you throw a wave into the mix. To me catching and riding waves on the Stand Up is second to none. The physical benefits of Paddle Surfing is an all inclusive workout. Working the core muscles while paddling enhances your core strength. Your ankles and legs receive great strain and develop keen balance on top of the moving board. Your upper body, arms and shoulders in alternating strokes using the paddle to move you along builds and tones the muscles. Paddle Surfing tones the body and you will loose weight too. After 2-3 hours of paddling you feel it and makes for great overall work out and eventually suffer from what I call ... ''Polynesian Paralysis'' AKA... Good Sleep.. While standing up on the board and paddling you have great point of view. You get to experience the aquatic ecosystem, view wildlife and become part of the environment your paddling in. Most have never experienced nature this way.......

Stand Up Paddle Surfing offers me great fulfillment. I use SUP to escape from the daily grind of life. I loose my self and find myself while paddling. Stand Up Paddle Surfing has offered me a great opportunity to meet and make great everlasting friends by sharing my passion of SUP. I have inherited a great responsibility participating in this board sport. Sharing my passion in a positive way by giving lessons, demo's and providing equipment for new participants to SUP. Environmental issues become personal by sharing the precious waters with all users and taking a ownership by keep the aquatic playground clean. This is my passion and I plan to be Paddle Surfing for as long as I can.

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