Thursday, June 19, 2008

Boards available from Atlantic Paddle Surfing

East Coast Paddle Surfing Foam Tops. 3 sizes 10' 12' and 14'
Big Daddy: our Big Daddy is 34”wide by 14’ long This is the most stable board currently on the market (and we’ve seen them all!) Great for tandem paddling or heavy guys
Hot Momma: the Hot Mama is 32” wide x 12’ long Can float up to 300 lbs Stability and size make it the ideal board for rentals
The Grommet: the Grommet is 30”w x 10’ long Recommended for up to 200 lbs Stability and size make it great for smaller paddlers Companion to the Hot Mama
This is the ''ULI'' Ultra Light Inflatable This functional, lightweight, foldable paddleboard is constructed from the same sturdy materials used in military/commercial inflatable boats comes w/ pump and duffle bag.
Sean Ordonez Shapes Big Red 11'-11'' Blue 10'-10'' and Green 10'
Yolo, ''You Only Live Once'' 12' x 31'' The most popular YOLO model because it is stable and glides through the water effortlessly.
ANGULO model 11'9" x 31" Nui SUP-All around board great for learning, surfing, fishing, cruising. Fitted with a mast attachment for recreational windsurfing.

These board are available thru Atlantic Paddle Surfing or East Coast Paddle Surfing

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