Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Full day of Summer, 6/21/08 Fun Waves

First day of summer and we has some little fun thigh high waves w/ a sneaker waist high set roll thru.. John and I paddled our SUP's and Scott Allan of ''Scott's Fish Market'' Surfed , He cought this long 50-60 yard right and fun little wedges that peaked through.. John and I had a blast on out SUP's. We must of caught 40-50 waves in our 2 hour session. Was good to get on wave with a little power. Today I finally was able to use my the Jimmy Lewis 10'-8'' . It caught waves pretty easy and is loose on the wave face. Was pretty stable in the onshore chop.. Bigger clean waves it will excell in, I'm sure. Pics of the waves before our session at 7 am..

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