Friday, June 13, 2008

Kelly,Lindsey and I paddled this am from Palmetto Bay Marina

A Broad Creek Local

Was 7 am and the conditions were like glass w/ lite texture on the water. No wind and the sun was playing hide and seek from the low puffy colored clouds. Wildlife surrounded all of us. Many Atlantic Bottlenose Porpoises and species of fish were up on the surface of the water snapping and popping . We saw several pods with mother and calf combo's swimming about. Boaters eager to start their day. Its very peaceful to paddle in the morning. The morning seems pure and fresh, not polluted from the past days events. We paddled about two miles on a leasurly pace. No hurry. Lindsey prone paddled for a bit to crosstrain and Kelly powerpaddled to get a workout in.. Was a great way to start the day and makes the rest of the day seem less stressful.

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