Sunday, January 22, 2012

SUP Regulations ?

Should Stand Up Paddle Surfing be regulated ? Here is an outtake from ''A Stand Up Paddle Movie'' which explores this topic of SUP regulations..
Lucky for us here on Hilton Head we have 6-8 miles of surf able beaches and four to five areas that are surfed regularly. We all know each other and we are one huge SURFING family. As a Stand Up Paddler we do have the luxury of paddling up and down the beach finding my own peak to ride.. The accessibly to other areas become easily available when you can paddle to another particular spot. Thats what we do...But as some of the comments in the clip state; There is always going to be someone who will be feel offended about another person in all walks of life.. Its all about sharing this Earth and having fun.. and promoting RESPECT.......PERIOD.....

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