Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sub Vector , again......

I obtained a 9'-3'' Sub Vector from a fellow Charleston SUP'er.. A metallic green in color with a quad fin set up. Funny how things come in full circle. Over three years ago Jamie and I purchased our first performance SUP 's, the 9-3 Sub Vectors. I went on to continue to explore performance surf SUPs .. The result are Paddle Surf Hawaii's and this model seem to work the best for me in our fickle Eastcoast surf..

In 2012 I'm looking forward in sampling another great SUP manufacturer .. (Name withheld for the moment.. but will be exposed in due time.. ) In the meantime the surf still breaks and one must have the tools to ride them..



Jan of 12'

Fall of 2008 Jamie and my Sub Vee's
Fall of 08'

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