Monday, January 16, 2012

12 mile downwinder

Jesse and I paddled from the north end of the Island to Tower Beach about 12 miles.We had NW winds at 15 knots following seas when we started. As the day progressed the wind lightened up,the seas went calm, the sun warmed our face and soul sharing the day with my good friend.... Dolphins playing in the surfline followed us for a while have become my ''Aumakua''.. ( protector or spiritual support) .. Since my Mom passed away in Dec, several of my paddles in Florida and my first paddle here, now back on Hilton Head, I have encountered dolphins as I always do.. But recently since Dec, they seem to follow me, play along side of me and their presence seem more interactive as I paddle in their world. I believe my Mom is using these great mammals to help her watch over me and safeguard my daily pursuits.. I now have adopted and accepted the dolphins as my AUMAKUA.

... I know too deep for you guys ..Sorry.. to a definition of 'AUMAKUA ' ....


Mothers little helper.

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