Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"A Standup Paddle Movie"

to order a copy ,Call Vasquez Studios at 949-493-6155

ONLY $ 24.95

I was able to get my hands on a copy of the movie. Its a great movie on the history of SUP , how it became to what it is now and has many interviews with all the players of the sport of Stand Up.. Great footage of racing, wave riding and the places around the world where SUP is being done...Here is a trailer of the movie and below is the description of the movie..

I liked it , gonna watch it again later..


"A Standup Paddle Movie" is a documentary about the beginning of Stand Up Paddle Sports. This documentary profiles the top athletes in three disciplines of Stand Up Paddle, which include surfing, open water racing, and circuit races. Shot on location in Hawaii and California, high definition event footage includes the Sunset World Pro, The Battle of Paddle Hawaii and California, The Catalina to Dana Point Crossing, The Tahoe Nalu, Hennessey's, and Utah.

Through the words of top athletes you will catch the wave of enthusiasm for Standup Paddle Sports. This feature documentary explores what Stand Up Paddle is all about. On Camera Interviews with: Laird Hamilton, James Billy Watson, Jamie Mitchell, Ekolu Kalama, Ikaika Kalama, Dave Kalama, Bryce Saeman, Chuck Patterson, TJ Saeman, Robby Naish, Blane Chambers, Rob Rojas, Thomas Maximus, Tom Gallagher, Slater Trout, Brandi Baksic, Beccy Hailstones, Gerry Lopez, Sparkey Longly, Riggs and Aaron Napoleon, Karen Wrenn, Jenny Kalmbach, Candice Appleby, Steve Pezman, Barrett Tester, Tracey Engelking and more...

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