Saturday, January 14, 2012

back on Hilton Head..

Starboard SUP has a great line of SUP models over 50 models to choose from...cruising, fishing, racing, softtop, Inflatable and many surf style SUPs. Great things happening with Starboard Brushed Carbon , AST silver and wood veneer models .. some eye candy for your pleasure..

Kialoa Paddles have some new paddles out for racing, adjustable models , price point models and improved carbon fiber technology for there complete line.

-New for Paddle Surf Hawaii they are adding the PSH 8’11 Hull Ripper,

a 10’0 Xtra Wide All Arounder, 12’6 Hull Paddler.

The long awaited Mini Mods are finally here. Available in sizes 7’10, 8’5, 8’8, 9’1, and 9’6 these boards are designed to be performance surf SUPs but are also a good choice for smaller paddlers looking for a light-weight recreational paddleboard with ample stability. What makes the Mini Mod unique is that it is thinner than most boards on the market which allows the surfer to easily set the rail in bottom and top turns. The board sits lower in the water which allows for less “bobbing” from rail to rail. It has a wide tail which also adds to the stability. The Mini Mod was designed to excel in playful sized surf much like many of the popular alternative surfboards on the market today.

FANATIC for 2012 , has a new line of Fly models, CF race boards, soft top technology and two new surf style boards..


I'm back ready to hit the local waters refreshed and renewed, ready to share the passion of SUP and Surfing with everyone. I have experienced a life altering event that has given me a reinvigorated outlook on life and the world I participate in.

Thank you

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