Monday, March 10, 2014

SUP'er Profile , Meet Scott Allen

1)     Who are you? 
Scott Allen

2)     How did you start Paddle Boarding and why?
glen shared the stoke and inducted me into the original paddle pack of hhi

3)     How long have you been Paddleboarding?
 Almost 5 years

4)     Where do you do the most paddling? 
 Burkes Beach

5)     Who do you paddle with? (, friends, club, ect..)
core burkes crew and expanding standup nation

6)     What  type of Paddle Equipment do you use?  ( boards, paddles, gear  ) 
starboard 8'10" wide point carbon, kialoa methane paddle. technology curve for the future of sport is insane

7)     What do you like most about SUP ?
sup provides unreal canvas for riding all size waves, allowing for more time on the water. makes riding all other wave vehicles that much more fun

8)     An amazing experience or encounter while Paddleboarding?
sunlit morning bomb captured by jesse cadman with billy hughes in foreground

9)     Your favorite non-paddling thing to do? 
chasing the silver king...the tarpon

10)   Favorite after paddle grinds?
Scott's Fish market waterfront restaurant and bar  .. of course  

11)   Dream vacation or surf trip? 


12)  Your occupation or what do you do for a living? 
Restaurant Owne

13)  Your hero(s) or person(s) who have had influence on your life.?
My Mothe

14)   Something people don't know about you and willing to share?  
My Faith

15)   Last words or thoughts you'd like to share? 
Live this day as if its your last.

16)   Thanks to ?…..  

Here is Scott's  captured experience .. 

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