Monday, March 17, 2014

SUP'er Profile, Meet John Heidel

1)     Who are you?
John Heidel

2)     How did you start Paddle Boarding and why?
Saw pictures in Standup Magazine

3)     How long have you been Paddleboarding?
4 years 

4)     Where do you do the most paddling?
Sea Pines  Resort 

5)     Who do you paddle with? (, friends, club, ect..)  
All the above , and by my self when I train for races

6)     What  type of Paddle Equipment do you use?  ( boards, paddles, gear )
Wow , thats a loaded question. Too many to list thats for sure but quite bit of Starboard and QB paddles

7)     What do you like most about SUP ?
The Glide, its just so fluid. Whether training for races as exercise or catching waves for fun, it's all good.

8)     An amazing experience or encounter while Paddleboarding?
Had a manta ray go right under me one day. Another time had a dolphin come up and start tugging at my leash for awhile. Too cool !

9)     Your favorite non-paddling thing to do? 
Spend time with my girls. 

10)   Favorite after paddle grinds? 
Pizza , Fat Baby's 

11)   Dream vacation or surf trip?
Back to Baja, awesome place and great SUP waves.

12)  Your occupation or what do you do for a living?
Home builder in Raleigh NC.

13)  Your hero(s) or person(s) who have had influence on your life.?
My Wife and best friend, Margaret 

14)   Something people don't know about you and willing to share?
I am a horrible swimmer. Hope I don't ever need to go a long distance without my board

15)   Last words or thoughts you'd like to share?
Just get on the water. I gives you such a feeling of joy. 

16)   Thanks to ?….. 
Glen B. For being the best SUP ambassador. Appreciate all you do for our sport. 

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