Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SUP'er Profile Meet, Brian Vaughn

1. Who are you ? 
 My name is Brian Vaughn (Age 40) and I am a Hilton Head Island Native that has grown up on the water fishing and surfing and have been a fishing guide here in Hilton Head for over 25 years. My Business is.. Off The Hook Fishing Charters... and I specialize in light Tackle and Fly Fishing tours. My website is ; 

2. How did you start paddle boarding and why?
I started paddle boarding a year or two years after SUP started here in Hilton Head and of coarse Glen you one were one of the first few guys I saw promoting  and pushing it here in HH. Glen helped set me up with my first board a 10’2” Danai Swallow Tail. I probably saw paddle boarding for the first time in videos and magazines from guys in Hawaii like Laird Halmition and his crew of chargers.

3.How long have you been paddle boarding?
 I would say I have been paddle boarding for about 5 years.

4. Where do you do the most paddle boarding?
Most of my paddling takes place in the surf on glassy 1-3 ft days here in HH on North Forest Beach. I also enjoy flat water paddling and stalking the flats for redfish on my paddle board.

5. Who do you paddle with?
 Most of my paddle boarding is solo on flat water but occasionally with a few others when paddle surfing on North Forest Beach.

6. What type of equipment do you use?
 I currently have a 10’ Gerry Lopez Surf Music model and the paddle is the original one I got from you back in the day Glen

7.  What do you most like about Paddleboarding? 
Ease of catching waves of all sizes in the surf and constantly challenging your balance and knowing you are going to get a good work out every time you go.

8. An amazing experience or encounter while paddle boarding?
I would say catching a 30 pound Jack Crevalle on a fly rod while on my SUP would be my one of my all-time greatest catches and experiences on my SUP. When this feat took place it was the very FIRST TIME I even attempted to fish off a paddle board…. and with a FLY ROD. The whole thing was not planned at all as I was in a boat with my SUP, my wife Carin, brother-n-law Cory Cunningham and Byron Sewell and we were headed offshore to surf some outer sandbars off of Hilton Head on my SUP. On the way we came across a massive school of Jacks tailing on the surface and I ran to the bow of the boat to cast to them with the fly rod and my buddy Byron dared me to try to catch one on the SUP. I had to give it a shot as it was one of the most perfect days and opportunities to try. Once I approached the school of giant jacks I could hear my hear pounding with excitement and prayed I wouldn’t tip over while casting my 9ft fly rod. I made the cast and got the ultimate chase down and take on with the popper and once the fly line came tight I knew I was in for a ride of a lifetime! The fish took me 30minutes to land and towed me a half mile in the middle of Calibougie Sound. I got to give it up to my wife Carin and Byron for photographing and videoing to whole thing as well!!  Here is a link below to see one of my favorite catches of all time.

9. Favorite non paddling thing to do?

10. Favorite after paddle grinds?
Eating a burrito from Amigos

11. Dream surf trip or vacation?
Spending a few weeks and surfing on Tavaura Island.

12. Your occupation or what do you do for a living?
 Boat Captain/Fishing guide and owner and operator of Off The Hook Charters

13. Your hero(s) or person(s) who had an influence on you?
For fishing….Hilton Head Island Capt. Fuzzy Davis played a huge role and influence on my life and career as a fishing guide. For surfing…Kelly Slater..Laird Hamilton for pushing the limits still to this day at there age in the sport of surfing.

14. Something people don't know about you and willing to share?
I am addicted to dark chocolate 

15. Last words or thoughts you'd like to share?
I am so blessed for having the ocean everyday as my office and having great friends and family in my life!

16.   Thanks to..? 
Thanks to Mother Ocean for everything you give to me.

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