Saturday, March 8, 2014

Local SUP'er Profile , Meet Fred'' DOC'' Roberts

1)     Who are you? 
 Doc Roberts... a 70 year old SUPer who really loves the sport.  Not fond of 'flat water', but really loves to catch the waves.

2)     How did you start Paddle Boarding and why? 
I live on Kaua'i's North Shore during the winter months.  8 years ago I saw some of the Hawaiian 'natives' catching waves on SUPs in Hanalei Bay were I was learning to surf for the first time on a long board at age 62.  I saw they were catching more waves more quickly and it looked like fun, so 2 years later I bought an SUP (age 64) and started catching waves.  I am now "addicted to SUP surfing".

3)     How long have you been Paddleboarding? 
6 years

4)     Where do you do the most paddling? 
Hanalei Bay on the North Shore of Kaua'i, Hawaii 3-4 months a year

5)     Who do you paddle with? (, friends, club, ect..) 
 Locals in Kaua'i 

6)     What  type of Paddle Equipment do you use?  ( boards, paddles, gear )        
 I have 2 10'SUPs. One in Kaua'i (An 808 Performer) and one in Hilton Head [Bluffton] The one here is a beautiful Coreban Icon, Wooden model with split tail

7)     What do you like most about SUP ? 
The challenge of catching waves

8)     An amazing experience or encounter while Paddleboarding? 
 4 years ago in Hanalei Bay I paddled right over the top of a 12' Tiger Shark just at dusk. Hawaiian's call dusk "Shark Session" because that's when they feed.  I now don't go out after about 5:30PM

9)     Your favorite non-paddling thing to do?
 I have a kayak with a sail on it. When the wind is right I like to go kayaksailing on the rivers at slack-tide.

10)   Favorite after paddle grinds?
 Kalyso's Grill in the little town of Hanalei.  Best Kalamari steaks anywhere!

11)   Dream vacation or surf trip?  

12)  Your occupation or what do you do for a living?  

13)  Your hero(s ) ?
 SUP hero =Laird Hamilton...Greatest SUPer in history is a distant"neighbor" on Kaua'i I get to see him on the big waves of the North a distance.(He does not know me, but I definitely know him and his wife, Olympic Vollyball champ "Gabby" Reese.) or person(s) who have had influence on your life.?

14)   Something people don't know about you and willing to share?
 I taught my grandkids on Northern Ireland how to surf and SUP in Ireland's cold waters.

15)   Last words or thoughts you'd like to share?
 I hope to catch waves on my SUPs until I'm at least 80. Let's go surf!

16)   Thanks to ?…..
 Glen for all his postings on this site.. 

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