Monday, November 9, 2009

We has some surf today surging from the easterly fetch from tropical storm IDA in the Gulf of Mexico . Waves and conditions were choppy and waist to stomach high. Jamie, Rufus, Tim , Mark Wrey and I were out on the Stand Ups along with several other surfers scoring waves. Chris Black had this fast left and snapped it on top of the rebounding lip.. There was a lot of chop and bump on the wave face. It was 2-3 ft chop in a 3-4 ft wave.. We all had to work for it today and we were rewarded with some gems.. I snagged a few head high outside nuggets that i was able to carve several turns thru the inside. After a few hours i got out to shoot some video of Jamie. All of Jamie's rides occurred with in a 1/2 hour or so just after high tide.... He had one backside right where he threw the board on the lip and followed the wave as it broke.. Looked impressive in the stormy looking surf.. Looks like crappy, squally rainy conditions forecasted for Tues and cleaning up for Wed..

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