Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thigh High Glassy early, Perfect SUP waves.

Was a pretty sunrise and clean glassy waves. Jesse , Scott , RuRu , BA and Mick Pullon paddled out on the SUP's ..The fog banks rolled thru and provided some vivid colors and awesome back ground textures.. Yes I was bleeding with-in wanting to get out there and catch some waves.. ...

Jesse getting the power turn down
Jesse on the roof.
Scott getting a good left..
Scott.. and another grrrrreat' ride..
Scott and Jesse, ''together they ride..
RuRu on one of the larger waves today
Who is that ?.... Me ! , one wave ankle test = AHHHH HAPPY GLEN.
BA on a good one
I watched RuRu glide around this section and go 40 yards
Mick Pullon on one of several nice waves..
Nice wave setting up for Scott
Jesse sunrise ride
Power carve on Jesse's Vector

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