Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday , little lines offering a fun '' ride and glide''..

Now that I'm trying to heal a sprained ankle I'm able to take a few shots of my friends having fun. Hope they all catch a wave fore me.. Thanks to you all who surf /SUP Hilton Head for fueling my stoke even though I cant get out there.. Mahalo to you all....

Video man / Transformer with the air cast
Scott Alllen Surfing the TAK.
Jesse longboarding and Jamie stroking out. Jamie

Michael Fienman
Jamie still able to throw the Sub Vee
Chris Hughes
BA down the beach SUP'ing
RuRu snagging some
Chris on the nose
Perry Heartly
Jesse on the nose... either Longboard ,SUP or a Bodyboard = ' Waterman'Perry setting up for the rebound...

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