Friday, November 13, 2009

Some and None ... Nor' IDA'' Storm

Its amazing how we have a huge Atlantic Nor'easter in the upper mid Atlantic states hammering the shoreline. The winds are strong sending swell towards the coast. Today I looked at the local and regional surf cams. A cam north of us in Charleston shows flat conditions.. We are flat too. then a cam south of us in Jax Fl. only 90 miles as the crow flies shows 3-4 ft and .. well you'll see.
I know its all wind/wave fetch, topography of the coast,wind direction, shallow coastal waters and continental shelf .. Makes one questioning ''WTF''.. Looks like I'm gonna load up the truck and head south .... Thanks to the technology of today with weather ,surf and cam reports we see what we're missing.. However, you kind of loose that anticipation and the stoke one experiences going on a surf expedition not knowing that you'll find till you get there.. You loose that feeling and thrill of adventure called the ''SEARCH''
map of the storm
South Carolina this morning
Jax Florida, SUP heaven today..

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