Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bummed, but still Stoked

Sprained my ankle and stretched my Deltoied ligaments .... Three weeks a go I rolled my foot in the shallows one session,.. no biggie. I continued to paddle surf and feel soreness. Despite the icing , the constant on my feet at work for 8-10-12 hours plus the surfing the Nor' Ida waves this past week caused my ankle to swell and become somewhat weak. The Dr. say's ''stay off it'' and ''Rest.Ice, Compression & Elevation.'' .Now its rest and recup time. Lets hope its just a stretch and not a tear.. (Cant be a ''land lubber'' for too long)

Swollen outer foot with some bruising..

Here is a video of Jamie and Jessica at Singleton Beach this afternoon. Now that I'm unable to surf for a while, I'll be sitting on the beach taking shots and becoming eager to heal and get back in the water.. I was told by a few ; 'I'm no spring chicken'.. Bummed yes, but was great to watch the clean little waves peel down the beach having my friends experiencing the moment.. ENJOY.

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