Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pat LeMehaute shaping another SUP masterpiece

Pat shaping his pattened Race SUP. This one is a bit wider and has a couple new design alterations. I'm looking forward to paddling this new shape.
''These boards are primarily made for displacement. Deep vee, near plumb bows and pin tails all help reduce residual drag (wave drag). The bottoms are flat to slightly rounded, with "tea cup" profile rails to reduce wetted surface and skin friction drag. The displacement is matched to within 5 lbs. of the user's weight. This also helps minimize the amount of wetted surface. Stability is enhanced with the lowered foot wells, which are ideally placed just above the waters surface. With the design software, it is possible to predict exactly how low to put the foot well to match the users weight, and thereby maximize stability. --''
One of Pat's first shapes

Pat is Partnered with H2O Sports in Sea Pines. He charters his custom built 38' trimaran in Harbour Town..


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