Monday, September 1, 2014


Thet are the first fully dedicated all SUP shop in the Americas and we’ve been making and selling SUP’s since 2005. SUP Sports have the largest, and best selection of SUP’s (over 150 in stock) in the universe. We standup paddle daily and each member of our friendly & knowledgeable staff has years of SUP experience. We’re a core one stop SUP shop making and selling hard goods – like surf shops back in the day before they turned into fluffy clothing boutiques
SUP Sports have several models of SUP's .Check out their site.

The Hammer  model they created is a board that is as close to the “Holy Grail” of the ultimate one board…all around…all water solution as has existed to date…an incredible magic carpet ride that glides across sections of water that have flattened out and allows you to connect sections that were not connectable…pure glide in a compact ride…flatwater to waves…the best all around SUP on the market!
We cross pollinated a Wardog Jammer with a Ray Lucke mini-Simmons nose…threw in a little (Liddle) Speed Egg influence in the outline…and, added in some Bonzeresque – like channel hydrodynamics…deep concaves…increasing lift…decreasing drag…quad + 1…multiple fin optimization choices…increased the primary and secondary stability…optimized the rocker line for speed…and, developed the “Chisel Tail” for increased maneuverability…etc…and, in the process, created a board that goes faster when you stand on the nose!!!
Anyone who would like to try out the Hammer let me know.. I have the  8-5 x 31 Model Floats great and is stable. Still playing with the fin configuration..

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