Thursday, September 18, 2014

Edouard swell

Hurricane Edouard sent a long period swell, 3.6 ft at 13 sec .. 10 min wait between sets.. A few of us were at a local sand bar reaping the rewards of this unique wave. 
John T, Jamie, Pat, Ricky, John H, Jesse and I living in the moment

 Jesse and Jamie sharing a set wave..
Jesse jammin' down the line 

 Jamie just putting his new 8-0 on the lip

 JT on a stylish drop knee turn

Ricky setting up for the wall 

 Jamie backside attack as Ricky experiences  the foam cycle 

 JT bottom tun setting up for the nose

 Jamie carving 

 Ricky in position down the line

 I'll have 2 shrimp cocktails and a bucket, please

 John H droppng in 

 Jamie on the Cannibal

 TB trimmin'

roundhouse re-direct

 Jesse droppin' in on one of the larger sets today.

 SUP bye 

 Pat on a left slide up on the nose

JT setting up for down the line  

Jesse's gouging tail slide
"in front of your buddy no less"

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