Saturday, December 7, 2013

Foggy session this morning

Foggy SUP session this morning. A little push from the SE winds last night gave us a moment of fun.. Jesse, John ,Brandon and I had fun , plus air temp was 75*F for Dec 7th ….

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Unknown said...

Surfing is awesome. Everyone should give it a go at least once. I've been addicted to it for 20 years, it's the lifestyle I've chosen. Hardley ever will a surf spot have all 10 hazards associated with it; unless your thinking of paddling out at a five star high performance wave like pipeline. On average depending on the surf spot it will have about some combo 4 of these hazards associated with it. A possible 11th hazard could be freezing cold water and hypothermia. It's all worth it! My elder brother Steve R. is a very good surfer. Thanks.