Sunday, December 29, 2013

great afternoon session

We were blessed with some 3-5 ft surf this afternoon. Warm temps graced with the west winds cleaned up the surf. Jesse Cadman took the go pro shots and I snagged a few with the Cannon from the beach. very one had some great rides. 2 dozen surfers and 8 or 9 SUP ers out sharing the waves. 
This is what I like about winter. Water not bad, warm air temps and sharing good waves with  my friends..  Makes for a memorable session to end the 2013 year…  

 Head high fun 

 Set of the day for Glen ( three pic sequence)

 Jamie  on his quad surfing' some

Jesse exiting out of one of many tubes..
Big off the lip carve for Jesse 

Jesse setting up for the big floater.  ''Yes he made it..''

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