Thursday, September 19, 2013

morning glass

Some fun, little, clean waves this morning. John Heidel and I surfed on the south end of the island.. Was just a pretty morning. Full moon setting in the west, Sun rising in the east.  ''Sun and Moon session''... Had thigh to waist high waves for a couple hours. 
Missed  JC,  but caught a few for him

Like these conditions...

The Starboard 8'-5'' Pocket Rocket in the Brushed Carbon construction  at 30'' wide,  pulled-in tail with the width more forward of center. 4.1'' thick at 130 liters. Weighs  15.8 lbs ....2+1 fin set up (quad option)  'Sea Deck ' deck pad. Has a flatter rocker than the  8-10 and 8-2 Wide Points. Its very loose on the wave but stable paddling at my weight  (187 lbs)  Love this board.Why...fits my style of surfing.. ''Bury the tail drive the rail ''

Starboard 8-5  Pocket Rocket  doin' its thing

 John in his 7-4 JP Australia

'' Tiki Life ''

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