Saturday, September 3, 2011

P 90 X,.... Paddle for 90 min .....

Here are pics of Giuseppe Picone paddleboarding and the benefits of Stand Up.. Seppe found paddleboarding last year in May-June.. He was 250-260 lbs.. Through out the year he has made Paddle Boarding a lifestyle with flatwater paddling and also getting into Stand Up Surfing. Changing his diet and cutting out select foods along with SUP allowed him to drop 70 lbs.. He feels and looks great. Dispite some struggles and life's daily challenges we all face, Sep' has created a new lifestyle that will allow him to enjoy the benefits of daily living sharing the ALOHA Spirit. Its an Honor to of met Seppe' a year ago. We've become great friends knowing I had a small impact on his life.. That the best present that needs no gift wrapping.. MAHALO Buddy.

June 2010'

Sept 3rd, 1011

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