Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hunting Island Surf trip ..

Headed to Hunting Island State Park early for the sunrise surf session. Waves were 3-4 ft with some head high waves. We surfed thru the tide swing and 3 hours after high tide. 5 hour surf session. Seppe, Jesse, Jordon and I had the waves to ourselves. Hunting Island is just an hour from Hilton Head with better surf but seems a world away from Home.

Seppe and Jordon ready for the surf..
Jesse taking a right off the Jetty

Glen looking

Off the top

Love snagging the rights off the rocks

Jordon getting his fill

Jesse putting it on the roof..

A world of fun rights for me

Seppe jammin' a turn in front of me..

Happiness is.....

Jordon's Lip service

SUP on the roof ..Jesse's big floater ..he made it too..

Hunting Isle Nuggets

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