Saturday, January 9, 2016

down in the Keys

I folks, I'll be down in the Keys thru Feb. Working and trying to secure another location for Water Sports / Paddleboard business.. I'll be detached from the local Hilton Head  SUP Surfing world for a little while. If you all want to send me stuff to post, I'd be honored to do so. Send me photos and a story and we can share with the world. .....PLEASE DO SO...
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The creek behind my place here. Heads out to Blackwater Sound,  Key Largo

Some night paddling in the creek. Underwater lights from the docks and under my sup lights the under water world. Amazing  stuff  you'll see.

Boat commute to Islamorada full of SUP's 

Paddling in Islamorada in front of the Moorings Resort.

A 6 ft nurse shark in the shallows .This is the closest I got. I should say "as close as it let me get.''

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