Saturday, July 18, 2015

SUP LOVE 9'-4'' Mach 1 model for sale..

Stand Up Paddle ''SUP LOVE'' MACH 1 MODEL 9'-4'' x 29 1/4'' x 4.24'' 120 liters ..Wood veneer on both deck and bottom, purple rails, marble swirl deck pad, insert hand grab, 2 + 1 fin set up with quad option. Lightly used for one year and has had two ding repaired and water tight.. Some cosmetic paddle scuffs on rails.. Solid EPS foam core, Full timber stringer, Re-inforced fin boxes
Bamboo/Epoxy/Fiberglass Sandwich contraction, Vacuum bagged and cured = light, strong and durable, This board perfect for the surf or ladies, kids and lighter riders to get out and paddle. email for more details. . . $ 675. . ..

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