Monday, January 19, 2015

Yoga for off-season Paddling fitness

If you live in a cold place and can’t travel anywhere warmer this winter, try adding some yoga to your off season paddling routine. There are a number of benefits that a weekly yoga routine can do for you. First, yoga is about moving with awareness, so you get a mind-body connection that will be beneficial to your paddling. Also, moving with more awareness can improve your body’s function and help you heal up some old injuries. Second, yoga improves your breathing, so when you hit the water again in the spring, you won’t feel as winded. Third, the yoga exercises are not isolated to one area of the body: they both strengthen and stretch the muscles of the whole body.. Here 
Andria Davis reminds us, the off-season gives you an opportunity to rejuvenate your body and mind. These yoga exercises are a great way to work on your paddling fitness when the water isn’t running. 
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So when the season arrives your ready to enjoy a healthy fun experience on the water.

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