Wednesday, October 2, 2013

SUP Fishing for Carolina Redfish...

Fun early afternoon SUP fishing for South Carolina Red Fish .. I was using Storm Lures and led heads with paddle tail flavors.. Was a pretty peaceful day just fishing floating on the water and seeing all the reds and bait under the board at low tide.. Caught several fish and couple big broad shoulder 30 plus inch boys. Most were in the upper teens and thru the 20's . I lost two strong runners in the docks that I  couldn't stop. .. All Catch and Release..  

Had a humbling moment when I was dragged to the dock fighting the fish trying to avoid the line from wrapping around the poles.  I reached down to grab the fish as I was lifting it out of the water the nose of the SUP rammed the pilings and I shuffled back and walked off the tail of the board..  ........SPLASH...!!!!!!!......
Held on the fish for a brief moment but I noticed the rod sinking so went for the rod.. Funny I was only in 2-3 feet of water...    .....Caught on camera.. ..
'''You can still see me holding the fish in my left hand and pole in my right hand .. '''

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