Thursday, May 9, 2013

''Sunburnt and Salty '' blog by Caitlin Lawson

Here is a great Blog by a local surfer  living in Jax Beach. Comes from a surfing family. Parents, Rick and Julie Lawson and her  uncles and cousins..Watched her grow up surfing from a little 7 year old tadpole  to a water woman and now Caitlin has the whole world in front of her.  Cruise around her blog and keep in your favorites.. There is some great words on surfing, living and insight on what inspires oneself....She has written for Surfing Mag and other publications... Here is a little background about Miss Lawson .. I'll keep a link to her blog on this site..  

Thanks Caitlin.... 

'''Caitlin Lawson ''    I'm living in Jacksonville Beach, FL, I was born and raised in the small beach-town of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I was in the water before I could walk. My parents are both surfers and lovers of the great outdoors. They also are the ones who instilled in me a great passion for traveling.  I’ve surfed my entire life and don’t plan on quitting.
I discovered yoga about a year and a half ago and have been regularly practicing ever since. Now I am about to start a 200-hour RYT Teacher Training program at my local studio. I am excited to continue my practice and hope it’s something I can make a career out of.I graduated from the University of North Florida this past December with a degree in Mass Communication and a concentration in Advertising. Although I don’t know if advertising is really what I want to do, it allowed me to improve on my creativity through art, design and writing and learned a ton about marketing tools and social media. Now that I’m done with school I’m focusing on some of my goals: starting my own jewelry line, receiving my RYT certification, traveling the world, searching for perfect waves and experiencing as many new people and different cultures as possible… I am greatly inspired by passionate, driven individuals.
And I plan to write about it all! So this blog serves as a journal for me – where I can write about surfing, yoga, traveling or whatever is on my mind! It’s also a tool to keep me writing and to connect with other writers, readers and creatives, and really share my experiences with whoever is willing to listen. I appreciate every comment I receive and I love hearing others’ perspectives. And hopefully, some of this will inspire others to do the same!
So enjoy! xoxo  Cait...

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