Friday, December 28, 2012

Starboard's 8-2 Wide Point..

Looking forward to riding this new shape in the surf. this board is 6.8 KG is equal to 15 plus lbs. Should be light in the Carbon Fiber construction.. Will be looking at them at the Surf Expo and hopefully ordering one thru my team rider  program..  Floated one, the Candy construction,  a few weeks ago and seemed stable and supported my frame.( 190 # ) in flat calm water. Looks like the next surf SUP model .....  Starboard's 2013 lineup looks great .. get on their website and check it out..

"The time has arrived to understand that width means stability, speed and power."The 8'2" x 32" is a new breed of board with its own signature move that found its place during testing on wave after wave. Holding the bottom turn a little shallower, then drawing a line to go into a heavy flowing cutback, this board just gauged and kept speed running with Starboard’s unique Wing Quad fin set-up. The dimensions are the miracle that offers certainty under foot and reliability when turning to take-off. Here is a board that will be enjoyed by all and certainly borrowed by your friends. Getting it back from them will be the only difficult thing you’ll find with this board.

"Continuous single concave the entire length of the board."

Length:Width:Thickness:Tail Width:Volume:
8'2"32"4.4"19.9"130 L
248.9 cm81.3 cm11.2 cm50.5 cm

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