Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mid day fun on the SUP

Felt so good to get in the water. I had a head cold for the last week and missed some of the bigger, cold  days earlier in the week, but today was well worth the wait..  Sun was out , warmer air, fun waist high waves.. sharing with my SUP friends..... Giuseppi, Scott, Jesse, Brandon, Perry  and I were out on the SUP's getting waves. Jesse took out the new GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and caught several shots from our session.. The blue sky, vapor trails from all the jets moving'' Thanksgiving travelers'', our chocolate shake looking water and the green tree line made for a great canvas for all the images captured on that little device. ..
 Love the contrasting colors. That new GoPro Hero 3 takes awesome shots..

...Thanks to Jesse Cadman for the great shots...

Little left as I'm looking down the line following the con trails...
 Scott and Seppe on a wave 
 Seppe on one of his long lefts .... looks like a puppet  on a string..
 Under the bright sun .. Aaaahhhhh
 Scott in position, Seppe on the shoulder and I about to get some lip service..
 Small little power turn 
Frontside lip carve...

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