Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2-3 ft Surf , Clean little walls

Some fun left over waves from the strong wind swell from yesterday. Thigh high waves and low wind made for a great morning on the SUP. Scott Allen, Mark Wray ,Doc Roberts John Heidal and I shared some fun waves. I had the camera on the paddle then nose for awhile then went swimming taking pics of the SUP crew in the water. Here is the result. Jerri W. Paddled out on on my old Starboard Wide Point Silver but only surfed for 1/2 hour.. 

 Scott on one of the better waves of the morning
 Catching lots of waves..
 Doc' Roberts paddling in and cruising bye me 

 Mark Wray from Outside Hilton Head catching a 2 1/2 hour Sup Session

 Scott on the 8-10 WP BC ,,,.. lovin' it
 Mark  setting up for the left.
One of my lefts 

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