Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A morning to be alive...

This is why I paddle. What a beautiful morning, fun waves and friends experiencing nature's beauty in the transition zone. A place where land meets water. This place has been a part of my life for over 34 years and to this day no two days are ever the same. Today was no exception.

''Nature is not peaceful in a quiet sense. To be enjoyed you must be watchful and alert. The ocean is not peaceful and calm. It's vast. Waves crash on the shore. It's about understanding and acceptance that brings peace. Knowing that the ocean brings more treasures ashore then it takes.''

Setting up for another

Just a ride and glide type of day...

Scott diggin' for the face

Seppe on a clean right

Heather on SUB Vee droppin' in

Here Jesse on my board. I took a shot of him sitting on the inside. We had a GoPro camera mounted on the nose. The pic below is the same turn only the view from the front of the board.

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