Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holloween SUP session...

Everett Gauthier Jr's Photos from the day. He was in full costume dressed as a hunter in full camo shooting photos. Here are some of the paddlers that were on the waves. It was like summer for the last day of October.
See Everrett's smug mug site for more shots of past sessions.
Everett will be producing a DVD of photos with all the surf action from Burke's Beach of this past Sept/ Oct. If you surfed there and seen Everett taking shots you may and could be in the DVD. I will let you know when and where..

RuRu , nice left

Rick Lawson, Soup Slapper in the slot
Tim Santini on a small floater
Professional Photographer John Brackett ready to get a paddle on
Glen , white water re-entry
Jamie Maples , love on the wave
Giuseppe Picone on his new 9-3 Sub Vector
Greg Smith bottom turn going down the line

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