Thursday, May 29, 2008

my first blog

I want to welcome all of you and thank you for visiting the Atlantic Paddle Surfing blog site. This is my first posting and will try to post several times a week about the Stand Up Paddle Surfing and its role being played in my life and the lives of people on and around the 'Low Country' here from Hilton Head, South Carolina.
In the future I will post and share my past, present and upcomming experiences, paddle and SUP surf sessions and have some of my friends thoughts on our sport having them add a blog or too. I will include personal pics, videos and links to the many paddle surfing community. This encludes the local weather conditions, surf conditions and local SUP conditions in my area.
My goal is to share Stand Up Paddle Surfing with the world starting with my little town. I'm very passionate about Stand Up Paddle Surfing . My reward are the many smiles on the faces of client demos and hearing exciting descriptions of their Paddle Surfing experiences .

My mission statement is: Paddle toward the future, one stroke at a time..
Thank you for visiting.. GJB

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